Elk hunting, September, and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado… Add the famed Weminuche Wilderness into the mix, with the hard work and experience of 5barN Outfitters, and let the adventure begin! September camps at elevations of 10,000-11,000 feet deep in the wilderness put you where the action is. It’s the peak of the rut! Magnificent bugling bull elk proclaim the majesty of the Rockies in a pageant as old as time itself. Fully guided one-on-one or drop camp – recurve, compound, or longbow – flintlock, caplock or inline – pit your skills in the color and splendor of Unit 76 or challenge the pristine ruggedness of the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness in Unit 82 for an elusive back country bull.



The rut is waning. Bulls bugle, but the responses to calls are inconsistent and sometimes seem half-hearted. Days are shorter, the air is cold but not bitterly so, the elk a little more wary. Now is the time when your outfitter’s experience and knowledge of the country and elk movement can pay big dividends. During your fully-guided rifle season hunt, our skilled and friendly staff take the work out of the camp experience so you and your guide can focus on the hunt. You leave camp in pre-dawn starlight after a hot breakfast in the cook tent. Elk are sought and called in the chill of north-slope black timber, grassy parks and broken stands of aspen. Between whispered communications with your guide, all your senses are tuned to the wilderness and ELK! Successful or not on day 1, by day’s end you will welcome the warmth and camaraderie of the cook tent. Appetizers, a hearty meal and a tasty dessert are the prelude to a few elk stories before the sleeping bag beckons and you realize…today I lived the dream!



Moose were transplanted into the Weminuche Wilderness Area in the early 1990’s. They have done quite well. We have excellent moose hunting within our permitted area and enjoy the opportunity to guide moose hunters for this truly unique Colorado hunt. We pack deep into the wilderness for this once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Years of experience within our area, coupled with up-to-date scouting knowledge based on sightings during our archery and muzzleloader elk hunts give us the ability to produce consistent results – we remain at 100% success on guided moose hunts!


Only four Game Management Units have the Timberline Early Rifle Deer hunt. Unit 82 is one of them and 5barN Outfitters operates within that unit. Challenging is the word that comes to mind when describing this high-elevation hunt. We camp at 11,600 feet in some of the most pristine country on the planet. And from camp, we go up! At least we don’t have to go far before we are in the realm of a quarry whose elusiveness is the equal of the majestic bighorn. Patient glassing is the key until bucks are spotted; I say “bucks” because they usually are found in groups of three to five. That makes them a little easier to find in those remote and beautiful timberline basins, but it means more sharp mule deer eyes looking out for danger. They do keep a sharp lookout and they are wary. Are you up to the challenge of the ultimate mule deer hunt? If you are, and if you want to put your tag on one of these velvet-crowned trophies, we can help!