My name is Brady Noble.  I, along with my wife Shanna and three sons, Kam, Jake and Will own and operate 5 bar N Outfitters.  Being in the outdoors in untouched wilderness is our passion.  I was employed as an Agricultural Environmental Specialist for 18 years before leaving to go in the outfitting and guide service business.  My job was regulatory in nature and included approximately 40 agricultural, environmental and forestry related programs. Shanna is an engineer and has been employed by Exxon Mobil Corporation since March 1998. We are a typically busy family invested in our kid’s lives and activities. We are a farm family and own a 30 acre small farm.  Our three boys raise polled Hereford show cattle that they show in 4H. My oldest son, Kam, is a competitive tie down calf roper and is a member of various rodeo associations that keep us in the road traveling quite extensively. At home, we stay busy with Jake and Will’s football and soccer games. Our family is totally committed to each other and everything we endeavor to do we do together.

I was raised in the outdoors by my father.  My father is an avid outdoorsman and I learned tracking and hunting skills from him at a very young age.  He taught me the value of life and conservation as well as woodsman skills that I use every day of my life.  I learned life lessons through nature that have given me an edge in every endeavor I have undertaken.  These are skills and lessons that I am passing on to my sons.  I grew up in the southern lowland hardwood forests of Mississippi and Louisiana and the Great Smokey Mountains of northeast Tennessee.  The time I spent in various outdoor activities growing up shaped me into the person I am today.  My connection to the outdoors has helped me in every aspect of my life. It has benefited me mentally, physically and spiritually. I am striving to pass this connection on to my sons as I believe it will give them the same advantage in life that I know it has given me.

I have spent my life on horseback.  After high school graduation I completed a breaking/training apprenticeship that led to a lifetime of horsemanship including training and competitive roping. In my mid-twenties I was able to spend quite a bit of time in the western United States for the first time.  I was chasing the dream of professional rodeo and this enabled me to see the most amazing country I had ever seen in my life. It was during this time that I met my best friend who became my wife and partner. After we were married Shanna and I spent our honeymoon backpacking and on horseback in Wyoming and Montana. From that point on I have been drawn to the Rocky Mountains every year for back country hunting, fishing, backpacking, horseback riding and camping trips. My first Rocky Mountain hunting experience was with Prewitt Outfitters and family friend Lavelle Prewitt. My dad and I packed into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on horseback for archery season and harvested a bull elk during an amazing week spent in the high country. To say that I was hooked from this point on would be an understatement. My sons, my dad, myself and other family members have been every year since for hunting, fishing and camping trips in the backcountry. Over the years we acquired the gear and know how to take extended pack trips into the back country. We used our horses and mules for outfitter style pack trips and took summer fishing trips and fall hunting trips annually. It became a passion for us and a way of life for our family.

In 2015 Lavelle and Claudia Prewitt offered us their business.  They owned and operated Prewitt Outfitters with outstanding service and integrity for 17 years.  When we were given the chance to take over Prewitt Outfitters we were presented the opportunity to chase yet another dream. After the many years we’ve spent in the Colorado back country making a lifetime of memories we now are providing this opportunity to others as a family. The experiences we’ve had have greatly enriched our lives. Shanna and I and our boys are excited about the chance to help others see this amazing country and build lasting memories that only a trip to the high country can provide.  We invite you to come to the high country with us and we promise great effort to make your backcountry trip the experience of a lifetime!